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Student. Instagramer. Californian. Currently in the East Coast. I (uncommonly) create gifs and post them. I don't know what else to say, so feel free to browse around.
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sorry mom you’ve hit ask limit



its weird that guys get so touchy when you accuse them of sexism like “im not sexist wtf????” when they should really be worried about “ive been acting sexist wtf????” like dude youre not the victim of an accusation the accusation is the result of your behavior

literally every person born into a position to oppress has behaved like this and its gross



LADIES!!! tired of getting fucked over? i have the perfect solution for YOU! go after the guy you fucking friend-zoned that cheers you up when ever you’re sad, tells you how beautiful you are all the time, knows exactly what to say and how to treat a girl right, because i guarantee you he’d love to be with you if you gave him the chance no matter how close you are

Yeah, LADIES! Give that guy you don’t find attractive, who’s bitter and obsessed with you a chance! And, hey, when it ends badly because he’s put you on a pedestal and decided he’s owed affection, at least you won’t have to get back in the dating scene because he’ll probably murder you